New Approach to the Application of BMS Theory

Swisswing® strikes a new path in the implementation of BMS theory. Swisswing® generates a circular, defined and controlled actuation of the stimulation unit. This is a so far unique application of the BMS theory.

Swisswing®’s innovation (patent pending) and it’s unique design enables the following improvements:

  • • Remarkably higher degree of penetration
  • • Higher efficiency
  • • Various possibilities of exercises
  • • Ergonomic design
  • • Continuously adjustable height
  • • Swiss quality product

Biomechanical Stimulation (BMS)

Swisswing® devices transfer mechanical vibrations to nerve tissue, connective tissue and muscle tissue at frequencies that correspond to natural muscle tonus. This principal enables users to exercise in a most effective way strength, agility and coordination with a minimum of effort. This type of stimulation manipulates the body’s reflexive reaction to agitations in mobility and stability, inducing a stretch reflex that causes the muscles to tighten.

The following beneficial effects of BMS have been demonstrated in various clinical studies:

  • • Improved agility and coordination
  • • Increased muscle strength
  • • Increased flexibility
  • • Reduced muscle soreness
  • • Reduced muscle injuries
  • • Speeds recovery after exertion
  • • Improved metabolism
  • • Activation of blood circulation
  • • Cellulite reduction
  • • Increased bone mass

The Principal of Stimulation with swisswing®

The core principal of swisswing® is based on an action of rotation and tension. By this unique patented stimulation cells are not just compressed, but – as illustrated below – stretched, massaged and smoothed out.